Galaxy S4 Urban Boot Camp

May 15th, 2013

Unique city workout starting from 21st May, to celebrate the health and fitness benefits of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, will get you beach ready in just 6 weeks
To celebrate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and its numerous S-Health and wellbeing features, Phones 4u is upgrading its CUSTOMERS as well as their mobile phones by partnering with fitness guru and trainer to the stars, Ricardo Macedo, to devise a unique new urban boot camp that will take place twice a week in London offering an intensive 60 minute workout for free.
The bespoke boot camp is the first of its kind, using the iconic urban landscape of London as a workout playground. It focuses on upper and core body exercises, as well as introducing some basic Parkour – the physical discipline of training to move freely over urban terrain using only the abilities of the body, principally through running, jumping, climbing and quadrupedal movement.
Developed by Ricardo Macedo, regular trainer to super-toned celebrities like Girls Aloud and JLS, the Phones 4u urban boot camp is designed to push participants to the limit and achieve maximum results in minimum time, with all the results tracked by the S-Health app on the latest tech gadget, the Samsung Galaxy S4.
The boot camp will run for a six week period every Tuesday and Thursday from 21st May until Thursday 4th July. The one hour sessions will start at 6.30pm from the gates of the Tower of London, taking participants on a 4.2km workout consisting of warm-up lunges, plyometrics exercises, upper and core body exercises, parkour using rocks, walls and gates, and culminating in a sprint to the Millennium Bridge steps which will be used for a final full body blast before crossing the finishing line at Big Ben.
Ricardo Macedo, comments: “With the British summer time finally approaching, I’ll be working hard to get participants of the Phones 4u urban boot camp beach-ready! Over the years, London’s parks have been used as the location for various boot camps but this session is unique in the way that it uses the urban landscape to tone the body. The programme has been designed to get your muscles exerting maximum force in as short a time as possible, with the goal of increasing both speed and power. The parkour moves will fuse both mental and physical abilities as participants will need to be constantly thinking on their feet and anticipating what will come next to know the best way of moving and adapting their bodies to the challenge.”
Ricardo adds: “We’ve seen big trend in fitness recently for people using their smartphones to track the physical activity they are doing and their overall health and wellbeing. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has some great health and fitness features that track your workouts, step count and daily food and calorie intake among many other things, and I think it’s a great way to keep fitness at the forefront of peoples’ minds. I anticipate those taking part in the Phones 4u urban boot camp will burn 800 calories per session.”
The new urban boot camp has been created following research which reveals that 87 per cent of those polled feel that the gym can get boring, with a further 31 per cent of disgruntled Brits stating that they don’t always get value for money out of their gym membership. Instead it seems that Brits are more likely to exercise if it’s free (81 per cent), and if it lets them enjoy the fresh air outside instead of being in the confines of a gym (71 per cent).
To register for your chance to win a place on the Phones 4u urban boot camp with trainer to the stars himself, Ricardo Macedo.

12 Weeks Body Transformation!

January 4th, 2013

I can Change you Life in 12 Weeks!

12 Weeks Body Transformation with Ricardo as a seen on TV.

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Fitness Time travel!

April 23rd, 2012

In my previous article, I introduced to you the origins of fitness, a quick travel through history. Now we are embarking on a new journey into the future. Some people will hope days like the ones I describe never come and some will wish that it was today’s reality. We all envisage the future differently, I will tell you what I see when I look towards the future of fitness.
Is fitness as we know it doomed?

The year 2252. DNA mapping has finally been understood making it possible to diagnose and do a full DNA analysis. Most diseases are eradicated and birth defects have become something of the past. It will become possible to replace or treat any dysfunction of the human body. By manipulating DNA, parents may be able decide on their kids future before birth and determine the genetic talents of their future offspring.

As medicine and science progress the maximum life expectancy of the mass population increases to 20%, with the wealthier populations average life span increasing to a whole different level, an astonishing 50%. With this increase in life expectancy, the world population will start to face many different problems. Various governments around the world would have to take collective action enforcing new laws and regulations in an attempt to cut the cost of health services and pensions, control the distribution of food supplies, and create laws limiting the number of kids per citizen.

Petty crime will no longer exist as the government will be able to pinpoint precisely the time and location of places visited from a microchip implant. All humans will have an unique identity signature used for all activities including passport, bank/credit cards, drivers licence, house and car keys.

And the future of sports: Football, ball games and contact sports will have new rules and safety guidelines. Turbo sports shoes can make an athlete run faster and jump higher and bionic suits would enhance human capabilities helping to achieve perfect motion while increasing speed, strength and preventing injuries.

The gym as we know it will no longer exist but the perfect body is available for a price. An enhancement centre, a cross bridge between a spa and high tech Lab, with gigantic capsules of amniotic fluid will act as an incubator for muscle growth. Half an hour each day will sculpt the body without having to move a single muscle! At the same time your mind can live a dream or learn a craft with virtual reality generated by a sophisticated computer projected straight into the brain. This will be possible using electro signals stimulating the muscle fibres, while at the same time feeding the body with the precise amount of nutrients. By taking total control over the human nervous system, the whole experience will be pain free resulting in a hard workout while having sweet dreams!

Meanwhile, the less privileged people are still playing sports the old fashion way, without the turbo shoes or bionic suits. Mass communities around the globe are still passionate about ball games. With little financial resources, the odds of being a professional athlete are 1 in 10 million. This is the average chance when competing against those manipulated by DNA or enhanced treatments. Like the lottery, despite the odds someone somewhere will always win, in sport someone will go against the odds and make history and become a worldwide hero.

The Olympic Games will survive with different sports and modalities. Technology companies will support the athletes assisting them in a constant attempt to defy the laws of physics. No more gathering in stadiums for a single man event, the live competition will happen in studios with athletes performing from different parts of the world. The competition is edited simultaneously by a super computer and transmitted to those who have subscription, enabling the audience to watch from their private 5D simulation room, a room equipped with sensors and cameras to detect movement, a mixer replicating smell produced on the context, and holograms projectors creating real size 4d holograms. An electron magnetic floor is capable of transmitting electron signals to the muscles, replicating feelings of real physical contact or actions making the spectators part of the event.

Not only can you be the spectator, you also can be part of the live action and become one of the athletes and perhaps even simulate and change the result of the games for your private entertainment.

People will gain great financial stress in their quest to achieve results and have a beautiful body without the hard physical work. This is what I see ahead of us.

Based on today’s global demand, scientists, government bodies and corporations will work hard to try and supply solutions to look good in return for high profits . All the signs are pointing in this direction, maybe it’s just science fiction or maybe it is a very close prediction from someone with a great love and dedication to fitness.

We have to wait and see. What is an nightmare for some maybe a sweet dream for others!

Huffington Post: Origins and the Evolution of Fitness

March 25th, 2012

The 21st century is an age where man is making great advancements. In technology, we are experimenting with quantum physics and particle collisions at the Hadron Collider, we witness the discovery of new planets to man making expeditions to Mars, and in health and medicine we saw DNA mapping, organ and limb transplants, brain and eye surgery and total eradication of numerous diseases.

Despite all these discoveries and advancements in medicine and technology, one area that remains unchanged since early humanity is fitness.

In my opinion, the modern age of fitness started in the 1950s with the development of the first treadmill. In the 1960s, the world was taken by storm with Muhammad Ali getting people to “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. In the 1970s, the world started to watch Jane Fonda’s aerobic workouts and Bruce Lee’s kung fu. In 1977, people at home got to see bodybuilding for the first time with Pumping Iron, the cult film which featured names who became Hollywood icons figures in the years to follow.

As scientists discovered new limits in movement and range, it led them to introduce even more impressive and innovative fitness machines. However, despite all this, the fact remains that we must work just as hard as our ancestors to maintain a healthy body. No machine or gadget can truly substitute physical activity. We have just kept, renamed and recreated some of the activities performed by our ancestors.

Yoga goes back 26,000 years when people practiced it as way of life to help achieve inspiration and enlightenment. Today the majority of the western world practice yoga during a quick lunch break in an attempt to lose a few extra pounds. Pilates I would describe as the fine evolution of many disciplines, with intensity and focus applied in isolation, controlled breathing and movements similar to martial arts without the aggression and the explosion of movement.

The fitness machines replicate the body’s natural movements creating resistance, an opposite force working against our muscles with different levels of resistance. Exercise machines are designed to replicate the natural environment, from flat plains, to hills, to more rugged terrains. The most sophisticated machines are nothing more than a simulation of what we have in nature, let me give some examples in more detail:-

The Treadmill: simulates walking or running action without having to suffer the weather conditions!

Cross Trainer, Air walker, Elliptical trainer: simulates the action of crossing over shallow water, mud or snow terrain. This was a daily activity for hunting, to escape a predator or simply migrate to a new land.

Stepper: the stepping action goes back to the early stages of human evolution. It started with walking up hill until man invented steps and began building temples, pyramids and other historical monuments.

Rowing Machine: had its origin in the era of sea exploration when slaves were used in the galleys to row gigantic boats to the rhythm of drums.

Bike: one of the most recent inventions created in the 19th century, originally used by the elite of the time as a form of transport.

Resistance Machine: Replicates the physicality of manual labor such as building work, wood chopping, pulling cables and carrying rocks.

Free Weights: replicated any weights lifted and carried by slaves, laborers or farmers.

Any natural movement can be improved by creating a progressive resistance either by the use of a machine or your own body weight. This resistance challenges the body, forcing it to readapt to a new environment.

Using a combination of our ancestral and modern day principles, the ‘Macedo System’ uses a multi-joint exercise that forces the body to fire the muscle into different sequences each time, thus creating a new working pattern with each movement and stimulating an astonishing full body workout. This system can be integrated to many other systems such as compound and plyometric. Compound resistance engages a few big muscle groups at the same time, whereas Plyometric is the contraction of muscles executed in a big explosive movement. The more muscle involved the more calories you burn.

The human body is very complex and in some ways we are only just starting to learn more about it due to advancements in medical science.

On the other hand the mechanics of the human body are very simple. Keep within your own body limits by paying attention to any red flags being raised! By this I mean sharp pain or any discomfort during exercise. Any exercise can cause a little discomfort but you will find there is a huge difference between muscle soreness from working out and a pain that can be a sign something is not right. Learn to listen to your body and gradually break your own fitness frontiers.

With so many training systems on the market, it can be very difficult to choose the right one, my suggestion is pick the one you enjoy doing the most. It has been statistically proven that people tend to stick to a routine when they enjoy doing it!

By: Ricardo Macedo published by Huffington Post

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