Personal Training Expert answers post-holiday questions.

I’ve developed a bit of a holiday beer belly, is there anything I can do to burn spot fat?
To lose that beer belly, you will need to use more energy than you are consuming. Cardio is a great way to start. You cannot burn fat in one single spot. Fat normally goes on in stages e.g. starts on you lower abs, than on your stomach and then gradually spreads in different areas of the body. When you lose weight it is an inverse process, the first place you put it on will be the last place you lose it.

Can I just crunch my way back to my pre-holiday six-pack?
Abdominals is a muscle like all the others, you may lose the pump and the strength but they are still there. It is just covered by skin or fat; the best way to get your six-pack back is lower your body fat percentage which is normally achievable by a full body workout, cardio and dieting.

One-to-one personal training is quite simply the safest and quickest means of achieving the results you

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