Successful retreat in Mallorca

Our yoga/fitness retreat was a huge success in Mallorca. We spent the week in an eleven bedroom mason in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. We woke up each morning to the clean air and breathtaking views of the mountains. We started each day with a yoga session by the pool which was followed by an outstanding breakfast. After breakfast we chilled by the pool but not for too long as I rounded everyone up from my full body workout class. Their hard work was rewarded by a healthy lunch with all foods fresh from the surrounding farm.

Our afternoons were varied each day. Some days were spent relaxing by the pool where some people enjoyed my unique Amazon Bamboo massage, while on other days we went for fantastic walks by the coast or hiking in the forest.

In the evening we all participated in another yoga session followed by a full body massage.

And what better way to close the day but by dining outside and enjoying home cooked food and Paella followed by mojitos!

This retreat was the first of many to come.


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