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One to One Training

One-to-one personaltraining is quite simply the safest and quickest means of achieving the results you are looking for. We will not only design and develop a unique fitness programme suited to your own particular needs, but we will also assist you with preparing a complementary dietary programme, and keep you motivated and focused on achieving the goals we set together. Getting you into shape becomes a team effort.

As your programme advances, our job is to monitor your progress and adapt your programme as we achieve incremental goals along your path to health and fitness.

Whether you’re looking for general fitness, or to lose weight, put on weight, recover from injuries, prepare for sports competitions, we can design a fully optimised programme specifically designed to achieve your personal goals in the shortest possible time, based upon your age, weight, sex, health and current fitness. We can also design special programmes for actors / models who need to achieve weight and size targets for acting roles and modelling contracts.

Ricardo Macedo trains a number of celebrities and can provide a non-disclosure agreement, guaranteeing confidentiality of targets, goals, conversations, schedules and personal information.

If you’re seeking a well-qualified, highly experienced and enthusiastic personaltrainer with a sincere and friendly approach, then please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you set your goals and achieve those goals with the maximum amount of fun along the way. Why should exercise be boring? We love our jobs and nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see our clients reaching their targets, with a smile on their face.

Phone: 07961 361 046

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