Pre / Post Natal

Fitness, proper nutrition and clean living (no alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.) are essential for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Unless instructed otherwise by a physician, a woman can exercise up to the eighth month. After the birth of the baby, an exercise program can commence almost immediately.

During the pregnancy period a lot of stress is put on the lower back muscle due to the heavy weight that is being carried. So exercise and stretching can be extremely important to increase strength and reinforce the body structure for the extra weight.

During the second trimester (weeks 13-28) the unpleasant symptoms from the first trimester should have settled down and you should start to feel a renewed level of energy. The biggest change during this period will be the growth of the 'bump'. As your baby grows you should notice a change in your body position and posture. The extra weight occurs at the front of the body, the hip and back joints will take the strain. Your posture will shift as the lower back muscles tighten and take an exaggerated curvature. The abdominal muscles will stretch and strain to adapt to your growing baby. During this time it will be extremely beneficial to perform exercises to help strengthen weakened abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, in order to reduce the strain on the lower back.