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Sports Specific

We can provide a specific sports training program or help improve your performance whatever your sport. Whether it is helping to improve stamina and arm strength for tennis or improving your strength and core stability to achieve better balance during golf.

Marathon Preparation

Before running a marathon or taking up any intensive sporting activities, the first thing you should do is make an appointment to see your doctor for an examination if you have any existing conditions.

Running a marathon is one of the most demanding and physically challenging events in sports. You must be mentally and physically prepared to perform well as a runner. Even if it is going for a fast time, trying to go for a personal best or just to finish the race, runners are always looking for the best training program that will lead them to accomplish their goal.

When training runners the following questions are mainly posed to us:-

  • How many miles should I run per week?
  • What should be the intensity and volume of training and workouts?
  • Should I spend time working out with weights or train solely with cardio?
  • How much recovery and rest time should I allow between training?
  • Is my posture holding me back?
  • Is my breathing technique correct?

We can provide a specific training program according to your ability and goals. We will determine your training needs and maximise your ability to develop a successful training program. We will spend time addressing the energy systems challenged in marathon training and competitions, their capacity and conditioning.

A marathon is naturally exhausting and it can be impossible to accomplish the marathon distance if the following mistakes are made:-

  • Dehydration
  • Over loading body with water
  • Not properly trained
  • Eating the wrong foods before running
  • Not stretching correctly before the race
  • Breathing incorrectly
  • Not pacing correctly

We will help keep you motivated and focused on your goal.

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